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Return or Replacement Terms

Terms for returning or replacing size

Refund or replacement is possible:

1) If there was a marriage while sewing

2) If the size does not correspond to the declared

3) Received the wrong pajamas, delivery error

Refund or replacement not possible:

1) If the client did not correctly indicate the size or measurements

2) According to the client - "I didn’t like my pajamas"

3) According to the client - "I didn’t like the style", etc. To do this, we show pajamas, fabrics and return in such cases is impossible, because pajamas belong to a special category of goods. This is enshrined in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998, No. 55, “On the Approval of the Rules for the Sale of Certain Types of Goods.”


1) You must report a refund or replacement to the administrator

2) Send a photo where the kit is visible with a defect or size mismatch.

3) Send the test kit to our store. Delivery is paid at the buyer's expense, if the pajamas are defective, then the amount is refunded at the expense of the store.

4) Checking the kit for 2-3 days, where experts determine the marriage. At this stage, photos and video materials are collected to confirm the final result. If the marriage is not found, then the kit is returned to the customer. Payment of delivery at the expense of the client

5) The store can replace the size with an adequate attitude. We understand that you can make a mistake when taking measurements and indicate the wrong size in this case, you are required to have an adequate attitude towards yourself and the store employees. For us, the most important thing is the positive emotions from the purchase. Therefore, evaluate your actions correctly

6) Finalization of the kit or sending

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